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The best books on Persian Cookery, recommended by Jila Dana-Haeri and Shahrzad Ghorashian

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Take inspiration from falling autumn leaves and warmer neutral hues to help guide your homemade décor choices; A rich, welcoming tablescape can be achieved with velvet pumpkins and leaf-printed table runners. Plus, plunging temperatures means we have the perfect excuse to break out some of our cozier furnishings and make new homemade throw blankets and pillows. Looking for a way to supplement your time at pumpkin patches and football tailgates this autumn?

  • Program to determine its value from the perspective of participants, as well as what could be done to “assess the relevance, comprehension, and acceptability of activities, materials, methods,” of the program .
  • The beginnings of The Chef Show stretch back to 2014 when Jon Favreau met Roy Choi during the filming of Favreau’s movie Chef .
  • Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco will make carrot jerky, and America’s Test Kitchen will show us their secret to making great scrambled eggs and coleslaw.
  • Beyond its intriguing buttery creations, Butter is a mix of comedy, romance and thrills that’ll come together for an excellent movie night movie.
  • By the turn of the millennium, improvements in breeding and feed had pushed this number up to 292 eggs per year—almost 3.5 times more.

So if your curiosity is piqued, and you’re ready to start applying these “rules” to your own cooking, go ahead and take a deep dive to watch the full series (it’s only four episodes long, so surely you can find the time). If you’ve been missing Anthony Bourdain-style food-meets-travel documentaries, you need to tune in to “Ugly Delicious,” hosted by celebrity chef and mastermind behind the Momofuku restaurants, David Chang. Unlike many other food shows, Chang dives into food culture and history, while touching on important subjects like politics and cultural appropriation, focusing on a different type of food for each episode. And unlike many other food shows, there’s less focus on high-end, gourmet dishes and perfect presentation, and more focus on food that just tastes good,with the goal to help remove elitism from the food industry.

From there, we’ve gone on to do all kinds of stuff with caramelized chocolate. Duck confit is about cooking via convection heat with the energy being imparted into the meat by the surrounding fat. Regardless of heat source, the duck legs should be entirely submerged in oil. With careful arrangement and the right size pan, you’ll find that it doesn’t take much oil to cover them. I generally use olive or canola oil and save the oil after cooking for use in other dishes.

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Cook one egg for 30 minutes in a 325°F / 165°C oven and another for 10 minutes in a 212°F / 100°C water bath. You need to leave the egg in the oven for 20 minutes longer to get the same results. In baking, those goods that are baked at 375°F / 190° C generally have a noticeably browned exterior, while those baked at or below 350°F / 175°C remain lighter-colored. Food & Cooking Caramelization is the result of the breakdown of sugars, which, like the Maillard reaction, generates hundreds of compounds that smell delicious. Pure sucrose caramelizes at between 320–400°F / 160–204°C, with only the middle range of 356–370°F / 180–188°C generating rich flavors. This product is raw and must be fully cooked prior to consumption.

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The game showcases farm animals on a farm and the ability to shift between day and night. Twin the Bin is a recycling game where garbage moves along a conveyor belt at the top of the screen. On each level you control a chile moving left and right at the bottom of the screen with the goal of collecting only one type of waste while ignoring other categories. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and collect either organic waste, plastics, paper or glass. These games can give students a small taste of what it is like to work in the kitchen. We also provide an ingredient measurement conversion tool.